Phenomenon 2023 Phenomenon 2023


Where is Phenomenon?!

Phenomenon is held at Daramalan College, 121 Cowper Street, Dickson, ACT 2602.

How to get there


Head north up Northbourne Avenue from Civic. Turn right at Morphett Street. Daramalan's parking entrance is off Morphett Street.


Northbourne Avenue and Antill Street is the first big intersection south of the Barton Highway. If you're coming from Sydney you're already on Northbourne and you'll pass the Barton Highway on your right.

If you're coming from Melbourne, the Barton Highway ends at Northbourne Avenue. Don't try to keep going straight on. Turn right onto Northbourne. That's southbourne, but don't be confused.

From Northbourne, turn left at Morphett Street and look for the car park entrance on your left.

Please do not enter the school before registration opens at 6pm on the Friday. This is a working school where school children will still be on site, and being interviewed by the police often offends.

Food and gear

You can find food at many places through the Dickson Centre, and along Woolley, Cape and Badham Streets (see Food for slightly more detail). Dickson Centre also has the usual assortment of supermarkets, chemists, newsagents, bakeries and real-estate agents.

There are also a medical centre and a public library if you're feeling particularly Cthulhuvian.

Finding accommodation & getting around

Phenomenon is unable to arrange accommodation for players or GMs. But you could try asking on the  Facebook group.

Anywhere in Civic (er - "Canberra Central") or the Inner North (Acton, Braddon, Reid, Campbell, Turner, O'Connor, Lyneham, Dickson, Ainslie, Downer, Hackett, Watson) would be about 10 minutes drive. Belconnen, Gungahlin or Inner South would be 15–20 minutes. Travelling from Tuggeranong can be 30+ minutes (one does not simply "commute" from Mordor South).

Canberra's public transport system can be slow during a long weekend. If needs must, however, please refer to the Transport Canberra website for bus (and tram!) times.