Team (tabletop) games

The table is optional but traditional. King Morph is a traditionalist so tables will be available (if needed).
Dice may or may not be involved. While some games at Phenomenon are system-based (i.e. a published system), others are systemless (i.e. home brew systems or games that otherwise do not use dice for resolution).
There are also multiforms, which encourage you to stand up and move around a bit.

These games are for 5 players unless otherwise indicated.

New designers' games are marked with the New Designer Crown: ♚ Here is the New Designer Policy

The Phenomenon Games Rating System. So you know exactly what you're in for!
What's the game again?Game Summary
Seriousness?On the lighter side / In the middle / On the serious side
Genre/SettingA brief summary of the setting
SystemWhat system the game uses, if any
Movie RatingIf this were a movie, it would be rated…

Star Wars: R3B-L

By Jim Riley

Imperial II Class Star Destroyers.

1.6 kilometers long.
60 Heavy Turbolaser Batteries
72 TIE space superiority starfighters
20 All Terrain Attack Transports
30 All Terrain Scout Transports
9,235 Officers.
27,850 Enlisted crew.
9.700 Stormtroopers.

They are the most recognisable symbol of Imperial power. Cities in space, able to keep entire systems in line through fear and sheer brutality.
On board the Star Destroyer Retribution, some of her crew have finally seen too much and seek to escape, to join the rebellion.
They are the lowest of the low. The downtrodden, the often ridiculed, and usually end their service to the Empire inside of a trash compactor.
Five droids.
Star Wars: R3B-L

What's the game again? A game for five players looking to escape an Imperial Class Star Destroyer. The game will be using a modified version of the “One Last Heist” engine to develop elements of the characters and some of the complications in the game.
Seriousness? 4: Anywhere from a beer and pretzels game to an in-depth look into class, racism and slavery
Genre/Setting Sci Fi, Heist, High Characterization
System 3: The rules only establish the characters and some of the plot aspects. The GM will be walking players through the entire process
Movie Rating Adult Content - PG13 (things will blow up)


Ghosts of Future Past

By Random Jones

This is a Random game, and as a result contains experimental elements.

The Colony Ship Steady March was state of the art when it left Luna dry dock in 2205: triple-redundancy life support systems, InstaMeal food rehydration systems, inertial dampeners, space dust deflection barriers, and the newly perfected AlmostLight drive propulsions system. However, even travelling at 99% of the speed of light the trip to Gliese 832 c (the third planet orbiting the star Gliese 832, provisionally titled “New Haven” by the colonists) was due to take 17 years.

As a result, the 4,096 colonists entered cryogenic hibernation in the days leading up to its departure, leaving just the 40 crew to be awake for the trip.

Hundreds of years later, when the first of the faster-than-light ships arrived at New Haven, no evidence of a colony was found and the Steady March was never seen again.

What happened to the Steady March? What fate befell the 4,146 people on board that ship?

What's the game again? Ghosts of Future Past is a 5 player multiform for some of those 40 crew members during the last moments of the Steady March.
Seriousness? 5 - Warning: This is a tragedy, with 100% character death assured.
Genre/Setting 3 (mid level sci-fi)
System Systemless = Rules Knowledge 0
Movie Rating MA 15+


Sorry Business

By John Hughes and Philippa Hughes

No one does fieldwork in the Wet. The Top End becomes one vast swamp: outstations are isolated for months at a time. Yet something drew Penni back to Maningrida. Something powerful. Something she could not speak of.

Our Penni is missing. And we in empty grieving fall now broken

Five southern women, balanda, clueless about Country, clueless about themselves. Sisters, lovers, friends. Sick with worry. Searching for Penni. Uncovering secrets. Glimpsing a darkness that is neither present nor absent.

The most terrifying thing of all is the human heart

A ghost story. A love story. A Law story.

Further information and characters at

What's the game again? A ghost story set in someone else’s Country.
Seriousness? Pretty damned serious, in a human way: haunted and driven, with interludes of friendship and understanding.
Genre/Setting Contemporary psychological realism, with an invitation to dive deep. A mystery, and an exploration of the eerie.
System Systemless, with a focus on character-led storytelling.
Movie Rating MA to R, (decided in advance by players). Supernatural themes. Elements of horror, racism and past trauma.


Schroedinger's Job

By Nick Argall

a swindle by five players and Nick Argall

Five heroes who operate outside the law.

One client with nowhere else to turn.

A villain who we all love to hate.

And a plan that's so impossible, it just might work.

Leverage. Coming soon to a game convention near you.

What's the game again? This game aims to reproduce the experience of classic heist/con stories such as Leverage, Hustle, The Sting, Sneakers and The A Team. Everybody loves it when a plan comes together.
Seriousness? 2 (but feel free to try)
Genre/Setting 4 (not compulsory, but recommended)
System 1 Leverage System (will teach)
Movie Rating PG - Adult Content


Guardians Of The Glen

By Mathew Sforcina

The Glen, also known as the Meadows Of Merriment, is the happiest, sweetest place on earth, where kittens and puppies harvest rainbows and farm lollypops.

Seriously, semi-anthropomorphised kittens and puppies make up 45% of the population and their two biggest exports are mined crystallised rainbows and industrially farmed lollypops.

Now, considering that this land is surrounded by greedy Humans on one side, aloof Elves on another, distrustful Dwarfs on a third, and a literal Hellspawn mouth on the fourth, you’d think that a land of fuzzy bunnies, tiny fairies and cute little kitty-kats would have the survival outlook of a chocolate spear. But, no matter how evil, immoral or, more importantly, wanted for crimes both disgusting and immense you be, no matter who you are, what you’ve done, or who’s after you, the Guardians of the Glen are always hiring. As a combination of a Royal guard, standing army, and police force, the most vile, horrible beings in the lands can, and do, help little lambs find their coats and such.

An adult, dark game involving murder, sexual perversion, discrimination, genocide, dark arts, dark magic, dark demons, dark darkness, espionage, assassination, tampering with the laws of nature and/or things mortals were not meant to know, and that’s just the player characters!

(Seriously, the player characters are (mostly) the sort you'd find as the final boss of an adult themed horror game. The game is rated accordingly, because surely nothing bad or evil will happen in the Glen, right? Right?)

(GM's Note: Something bad and/or evil may well happen in and to the Glen during the game. Quite possibly by the player characters, but who knows what could happen?)

(Supplemental GM's Note: Well I know what could happen, obviously, but other than that...)

What's the game again? A one session systemless tabletop for 1-6 horrible, vile, disgusting creatures of evil willing to solve the problems of sweet little kitties, probably. I mean, the world they're inhabiting is a dark, depressing, evil one, but the Glen's nice, so what are the odds of horrible thing happening here?
Seriousness? 3 (Adult Topics dealt with in a comedic way, probable violence, possible sexual themes, likely manipulation of the laws of nature, comedic contrast of light and dark, a very silly game about very unsilly things).
Genre/Setting Prior knowledge of evil and/or cuteness not required but helpful. Management accepts no responsibility for elevated sugar levels from exposure to the Glen.
System 1 (What rules?)
Movie Rating R 18+ Adult Content


Disturbed Ground

By Ian Bartlett.

By far, the best stories in the Korpulu sector come from KMC-451.

Amidst the grimy space station bar you’ve formed a ritual of swapping Norm’s cold-fusion brew for the newest unsettling tales from the miners.

Last month their sensor array displayed movement in collapsed tunnels.
Before that, their comms picked up a prolonged signal in a language no-one recognised.
Just this week past, Jeb played a snippet from his armour’s recorder of an ungodly wail echoing through the crags. It sent shivers down your spine.

Their Hercules shipped out a week ago, ferrying precious ore to Tarsonis. It’s not due back for ten days.

And then out of nowhere, two spotless members of Mobeius Foundation show up and start flashing around a year’s pay in exchange for security and transport to KMC-451.

A year’s worth of cigars and booze just to visit your neighbours at the other end of the system? Creepy stories or no, sounds like a good deal…

What's the game again? Disturbed Ground is an intense 5-player first contact scenario in the Starcraft setting, for those who enjoy horror, action and/or rednecks.
Seriousness? Characterisation: 4
Story/Plot: 2
Seriousness: 4
Genre/Setting 4
System 1
Movie Rating MA – Violence, Horror, Coarse Language, Adult themes



By Joe McNamara

The cold stone shores of Bjarkery feel like the end of the world. Walking the beaches at night, all you see is the black ocean beneath the black sky. The dead can still feel the cold, and the sea winds chill you to the bone.

You rolled the dice for power in Constantinople and lost. Now you’ve fled to the island to hide from your enemies and plan your next move. No matter how far you run, though, you cannot outrun the Curse of Caine. A storm is blowing in off the ocean, bringing with it chaos and horror...

... and one of you has just done something terrible that all of you will pay for.

What's the game again? FROSTBITE: A Vampire: the Dark Ages game for 5 players
Seriousness? Characterisation: 4
Plot: 2
Genre/Setting 3
System 1
Movie Rating Rating: R (High level violence, depression & mental illness, adult themes)


Destination Mongo!

By Gavin Lucan

Tonight at 8pm on WXKC Radio, a new instalment of interplanetary adventure!
With the planet Mongo saved from the tyranny of Ming the Merciless by Flash Gordon and his companions, a new era of peace and prosperity is on the horizon. The newly crowned King Barin and his lady love, the Princess Aura. have opened diplomatic relations with the Earth, sending a rocket ship to that far off planet.

On Earth, crowds have come for miles around just to gaze at the rocket and it’s crew, nestled in New York Harbour. Diplomats and journalists have been jockeying for weeks for a place aboard ship, while a contest for a seat aboard the craft attracted millions of entries, the lucky winner the envy of humanity. The passengers and crew wave goodbye to the city as they board, little knowing what lies ahead of them.

For as the rocket prepares to blast off, they head towards unseen danger. A threat lurks unseen, one that our new heroes could not hope to anticipate. What will they find on their travels among the stars?
Tune in tonight at 8, on WXKC Radio, for the first instalment of Destination Mongo!

A 5 player tabletop using The Savage Worlds of Flash Gordon

What's the game again? A rip roaring pulp adventure, with danger and cliff-hangers galore
Seriousness? Prizes will be awarded for Largest Ham and Biggest Cheese. Does that say enough?
Genre/Setting 30’s pulp, a mix of the original comics and 1980 movie.
System The Savage Worlds of Flash Gordon
Movie Rating PG, for pulpy goodness


Dantalion's Daughter

By Steve Dee

Dantalion was one of the great lords of Hell - back in the days when you were in heaven. Now you're stuck on earth and God has closed the gates forever. But you're still angels and you still owe Dantalion for all the scars he left across your body and creation. Then word gets out that Dantalion has a daughter, and someone knows where to find her. That shouldn't even be possible. Is it a set up? Is there some greater mystery? Sounds likely, but revenge must be served. Did I say revenge? I meant justice. Sure. That.

What's the game again? Dantalion's Daughter is a revenge tale for two to five scarred and weary angels, using Relics, a game currently in playtest.
Seriousness? 4
Genre/Setting 3
System Systemless
Movie Rating M - Adult Content


Shadows of What Was

By Michael Hitchens

It’s easy to be bitter when you’ve lost what made you special.
When you can remember being so much more.
It’s hard to adjust to being ordinary, unremarkable.
What would you give to have it back?

Five Fae with no magic.
In a world where the wonder, the colour, the beauty have all gone
Dying from the inside, in bitterness and despair.
Clinging to the last embers of hope.

Five Fae living ordinary lives in the modern world.
Together only because to be alone would be so much worse.
What would they do to get back what they’d lost?
What would they give?

Can they even remember what magic was?

Five lost Fae given one last chance

What's the game again? This is a game with an urban fantasy setting. It is not Changeling or any other published rules system. The characters are Sidhe secretly living the lives of 20-somethings. Having to work, needing the money. Dying by inches.
Seriousness? 4
Genre/Setting 5
System Systemless
Movie Rating


Founding Members

By Mike Walker

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?”
From a book by Marianne Williamson

In the year 2442, a new surge of superpowered beings emerges, unmatched in galactic history since the turmoil of the early twenty-first century. Some regard these new beings as saviours; others hunt them down as dangerous freaks. Computress (teen superheroine and heiress), contacts four other heroes. Her intention is to create a team called the Star Explorers, a youth group and safe haven for beings such as herself. The Star Explorers will come to the aid of civilisations in need while exploring the outer frontiers of space.

Before leaving Earth, the five founding members must first deal with the shadows haunting them...

A look at overcoming past pain, friendship, and stepping into the light...

What's the game again? A one session systemless tabletop for five teenaged superheroes
This is a prequel to the 2008 Star Explorers freeform. Prior knowledge of that game is not needed to play this one.
Loosely inspired by Legion of Super-Heroes comics from the 60s and 70s
Seriousness? 3
Genre/Setting 4
System 0
Movie Rating MA



By Daniel Ryan

A few years ago you discovered a new impossible metal. Alloyed with other metals it seemed able to do many previously impossible things. After the first successful Anti-gravity test you named the new metal Cavorite.

Its been a hectic few years. A new company built around applications for Cavorite. Flying cars, room temperature superconductors, force fields, combating climate change, and you’re pretty sure the “superhero” the media are talking about is one of you.

The science team is increasingly worried that they can’t tell why it works or explain the implications of all the physical laws Cavorite is breaking. And now increasing reports of strange phenonema. Is there a connection between the use of Cavorite and the rain of blood last week?

The world is at a crossroads and with a near monopoly on the impossible metal the five of you may well determine the future of humanity.

What's the game again? Dealing with the ramification of a near impossible metal
Seriousness? 4 – aiming for serious but can be played lighter
Genre/Setting Modern sci-fi drama
System 1 – system TBD but rules-lite
Movie Rating


The Long Weekend

By Greg Tannahill

You used to go down the coast every year with your friends. It used to be a tradition. But then... life happened. Things got complicated.

This year, it's on again. No longer young, not yet old, there is one last chance to get the gang together for one perfect long weekend. One opportunity to say the things that should have been said. To be the person you were meant to be. To relive the glory days.

Only, just like the rain beginning to fall on the treacherous mountain road, life has a way of intervening.

The Long Weekend is a realistic cathartic drama about middle age, grief and friendship, because sometimes you just want to bathe in a game that's truly miserable, and this is that game. Players take on the roles of five people who turn up to a holiday that six people were supposed to be at. Gameplay is wholly centred on conversation, characterisation, and catharsis. Content warning: the plot heavily features the recent tragic death of a friend.

What's the game again? The Long Weekend is a realistic cathartic drama about middle age, grief and friendship
5. (The game is primarily about grief and regret.)
5 (The gameplay primarily consists of characterisation)
2 (Other than inciting and concluding incidents, the story is driven by the players.)
Genre/Setting 1. (The game presupposes no existing knowledge.)
System 1 (The game uses few formal systems.)
Movie Rating MA15+ (Mature themes, such as being middle aged.)


In the Land of the Skulls

By Oliver Shead

Las Vegas, years following the Calera Virus Outbreak is a very different place - a harsh, dry town nestled in the ruins, it is ruled by the Skulls.

The Skulls worship death itself, and are noticeably unhinged. NORAD is seeking to use Vegas as a vital waystation - but the Skulls aren't very fond of that idea, and they're itching for a chance to start a war that NORAD can ill afford.

Unfortunately, one of NORAD's spies has just been kidnapped. She knows everything, and time is ticking. Your mission is simple - get her back, or take her out before the Skulls get all the info inside her head.

Your very survival, and that of all NORAD personnel in the region, depends on it.

What's the game again? A game by Oliver R. Shead, set in the Infected! universe
Genre/Setting 4
System Rules Knowledge 2
Movie Rating MA15+ Adult Content