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Game Writers

We're happy to have made the acquaintance of these mysteriously fine writers.

Sean Allsop

Game: Clownigator: Night of The Crocodillian Clowns

Ian Bartlett

Game: Into the Nothing

Jason Cebalo

Jason Cebalo is 47 now and has been RPGing since he was 10. He particularly enjoys exploring issues of fantasy and heroism. When not gaming he’s a student of philosophy at Campion College.

Game: Heroes of Tridentia

Dan Connor

Daniel started writing in the early 90s for rpgs, His focus has been tabletop roleplaying space and mostly using the Hero System. Daniel was exposed to Freeform when he moved to Australia in 2000 and has loved it ever since. He has co-GMed for the Age Of Aquarius Freeform which ran for about 2 years in Sydney and ran Co-GMed Slayercon and Holiday at the World’s end at Phenomenon. He was supposed to run Wheel in the Sky last year but got Covid. Also, he has been roleplaying for just over 40 years, so you can say he has a little experience. :)

Game: Wheel in the Sky

Ben Dawson

Game: Cognitive Dissonance

Elizabeth Eaton

Eliza has been writing and running dinner murder mysteries since 2008 (and while her credentials as a criminologist are real, she continues to swear that all the murders she writes about are fake…) Since moving to Canberra in 2015, she’s introduced many people to the world of tabletop and dinner murder mystery games. While her forte and gaming bread and butter is horror, this year she’s decided to jump headfirst into running a more light-hearted game with no (planned) murder or horror in sight!

Game: Mysteries of Atalantum: How To Find The Missing Princess

Random Jones, Adrian Overbury, Bek Grayden & Aaron Holding

Random Jones (he/him) is a roleplayer from Melbourne who's been doing this long enough to get a little wild-eyed any time he realises exactly how long he's been doing this.

Recent reviews include:

* ...[he] "can Get Really Wrecked by running two games"

* and "it’s kinda fun to see [him] exhausted at post-con"

Games: The Time of My Life and Remembrance Day

Hugh Fisher

Hugh Fisher is one of those old people who has been around the Canberra RPG scene for decades. He prefers designing humourous games that still encourage roleplaying, and seems to be particularly good at Paranoia. In real life he is mostly harmless.

Game: The Reichenbach Ritual

David James

David James has been writing for roleplaying conventions since 1986, please don't do the math. Most often his freeforms and tabletop team games emphasise roleplaying, teamwork and getting away with as many laughs as possible, even in a serious game. David is also a published author with two books released to date of his urban fantasy trilogy, "Wingless".

Game: The Hellsing Corporation

Stephen Justice

Game: Rava's Final Journey

Xole Karman & Andrew Smith

Xole and Andrew have written a lot of freeforms together over the years, the last being Pheno 2015's Bloodrunner. Xole (that's pronounced 'Kole') writes freeforms replete with soupy politics and likes doing scary things to Greek mythology. Andrew likes world-building to set freeforms in, frocking up, and rather misses Guinness and the 1990s.

Game: Tauris 2077

Elinor Jean

Elinor discovered role-playing relatively recently and this is her first game as GM at Pheno. Elinor loves collaborative and emotional games about people who are good people.

Game: Pixiedust

Belinda Kelly

Game: The Monster's Ball: An urban fantasy adventure

Ali Lawrie

Game: The Banquet of Extraordinary Experiences

Gavin Lucan

If there's a chandelier that Gavin doesn't want to dramatically swing from with one hand while holding a sword in the other, he's yet to meet it.

Game: The Cardinal's Blades

Fi McConachie

Game: Lights Out!

Joe McNamara

Game: The Empty Throne of God

Jake Nelson

Game: Hooty McOwlbear’s Family Restaurant and Entertainment Zone

Daniel Ryan

Game: End of Empire

Bianca Schloeffel & Kristine Hertel

Game: The War of Fae and Flowers

Matthew Sforcina

Game: Fallout: New Vegas - Ocean's 38

Paul 'Polly' Stephenson

Game: The Tribunal of Scattered Seas

Greg Tannahil

Game: All Night Long