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Freeforms, are also known as Live Action Roleplays (LARPs), Live RolePlay (LRP) or Parlour LaRP games. They typically run for 12 to 30 players and a full session (2 to 3 hours), and focus on the interaction between the characters.

Scenes are acted out, but combat and stunts are described only, and will be resolved through shared description rather than physical effort.

Pre-written characters are normally provided as part of the game, and it's always an advantage to pre-register for them if you're really keen to play your favourite!

Costuming is optional but encouraged.

New designers are highlighted: 

The Banquet of Extraordinary Experiences

By Ali Lawrie

Operating behind an impenetrable veil of secrecy, Verdigris orchestrates meticulously curated events that transcend the boundaries of imagination, offering a glimpse into a world where dreams are woven into reality. From exquisite galas held in opulent locations, to exclusive gatherings in hidden corners of the world each occasion promises an immersive experience like no other. The carefully curated social media accounts, personal media blackout and non-disclosure agreements for participants ensures that these events retain their secrecy.

To be granted access to a Verdigris event is to become part of an exclusive club, where anticipation and curiosity mingle with a sense of privilege. The allure of the unknown, the promise of an unforgettable night and the opportunity to be transported to realms beyond imagination.

Your Invitation arrived last week. The crisp envelope with only your name on the front and an on the back, a gold and mint green seal of a gothic letter V. You re-read the contents, your pen hovering over the enclosed documentation. No cameras, smartwatches or phones of any kind, a non-disclosure agreement. Location to start In Madagascar with all travel included should you accept. You would be crazy not to accept, but are you willing to put yourself at the mercy of such a secret organisation?

Of course you are.

The Banquet of Extraordinary Experiences is a Freeform of intrigue and discovery for up to 20 people, 10 Humans and 10 Vampires. Set in the world of Vampire: the Masquerade and inspired by the Giovanni Chronicles.

Pheno game ratings
How many players? Up to 20
Characterisation 4 - The game will rely on staying in character
Story/plot 4 - The stage will be set, players will drive the plot
Seriousness? 5 - This is a dark world of dark desires
Genre/Setting 4 – Knowledge of Vampire games not necessary, but would help
System 2
Movie Rating Rated R. Most of the game content is player driven but it may include drug use, sexual references, deprivation of freedom, death, violence.


Lights Out!

By Fi McConachie

April 1941 – A time of War

As the sound of yet another air raid siren sounds across the dark, into the darkened and already almost empty streets of London. For those who are out it the call for them to head nearest air raid shelter for refuge. For many it is Tube Stations, scattered through the city, that they head. These deep large tunnels are perfect for this task, keeping people safe until the waves of enemy bombers finally retreat, heading back across the channel.

But not all is at is seems...

What most of the gentle folk of London, and indeed, of Europe, are unaware of is the magical war which rages parallel to the physical conflict of steal and guns. Secret regiments managed by the highest levels operate a covert crusade against the enemy as each side seeks whatever occult advantage.

The Germans have their Ahnenerbe, Himmler’s relic hunters searching to summon the power of the ancients, the Russians have the Night Witches, who not only fly the most dangerous missions but can control (or so it is said) the weather, and the British... the British have the Girl Guides. A seemingly harmless gaggle of young ladies who have not only sworn to protect the classified secrets they transport but are learning the mysteries of Britannia herself.

The next stage in this secret war is about to be played out in the unassuming air raid shelter of Clapham Common. The discovery of the body of a young man, still warm to the touch has sent a shockwave through those who made their way into its depths. Perhaps it would be wise to find a different place to wait out the raid?

The sound of a metal door closing tells you it’s too late as the air warden locks the doors. The uncomfortable wait begins, and questions start to form in the minds of the living:

  • Who killed that nice looking young man?
  • Was it someone in this shelter?
  • Where’s my Nancy?
  • Why is the tea never hot enough in these blasted shelters?
  • Will my house still be standing after the raid?
  • What happens when the lights go out?

A British stiff upper lip murder mystery set at the height of the Blitz for 15–20 girl guides, bewildered civilians, politicians, racketeers, and saboteurs.

• Here's a character list

Pheno game ratings
How many players? 15–20
What's the game again? A British stiff upper lip murder mystery set at the height of the Blitz for 15–20 girl guides, bewildered civilians, politicians, racketeers, and saboteurs.
Seriousness? 3 – British WWII Gallows Humour, magic, ghosts, rations, the inevitability of death, and a good cup of tea.
Genre/Setting 2 – Inspiration from Rivers of London, Hercule Poirot, Foyle’s War, Lockwood & Co etc.
System 2 – Simple custom rules
Movie Rating M (but could end up with a PG)


Rava's Final Journey

By Stephen Justice

“Do you believe we are masters of ourselves or merely dance like puppets on strings having the illusion of independence?”
— Winston Graham

Deep in space sits a listening post watching for anything that might threaten the Solis Empire’s peace. It’s a lonely assignment for the eight crew aboard, but spirits are high knowing the yearly supply ship is almost here. Soon there will be chocolate again. If only someone could stop whatever Gremlin was causing increasing havoc with the station’s systems.

Limping through space is the cargo vessel Rava, barely having survived an asteroid collision. There were no casualties, but the bridge and primary systems have been destroyed. If the eight crew members can hold it together a little longer then hopefully their next stop will have the spare parts needed for emergency repairs to see them home. Sitting exposed to the void of space an entity watches on. Trapped and unable to free itself, its anger grows at these people who go on living so freely. They are ants playing imposters at a true life. It will show them. If it must suffer then so shall all within its reach.

Rava’s Final Journey is a 16 player freeform about people surviving as their bubble against the void turns hostile while they face growing existential horror. The game will start with two smaller groups of 8 dealing with localised problems, before joining into a larger game where their problems combine to something worse than before.

This game explores existential dread, false realities, body horror, survival horror, and strong psychological horror in a sci-fi setting deep in space.

Players need to be willing to have horrible things happen to their characters. All done via negotiated consent on what you feel will have the strongest impact to fill your character’s journey of horror.

Pheno game ratings
How many players? 16
What's the game again? Station and Ship crew trying to survive as their environments turn hostile, and they find out reality is not what it seems.
Seriousness? Very High
Genre/Setting Sci-Fi Horror
System Systemless with touches of Nordic LARP Consent rules
Movie Rating R 18+. PVP – Negotiated between players for what will make the best horror story for them. Characters will have reasons to trust or not trust each other in extreme environments. Content Warning – Psychological Horror. Body Horror. Body Dysmorphia. Survival Horror.


Tauris 2077

By Xole Karman & Andrew Smith

You are a hero of cyber-achaean nations. Your world is black, white, and red.

The bitter Wasteland merges horizonless, dun and dusty, into the pitiless blank sky in every direction. It is an empty land without food, without water, and without legends.

To the south, the Pillar of Black is the funeral smoke from the still-burning datawalls of TroyCorp. The cyber-warriors who escaped the wreckage have ridden their war-rigs from there. From anywhere. The Wasteland devours you all.

To the north, the Pillar of White is the eternal steam of the Uranian Furnace, burning Fury-cursed metal to bring heat and power to Tauris.

All trails lead to Tauris. To Tauris, where heroes and good intentions go to die.

The ragged Red Rock of Tauris juts from the middle of the Wasteland like a half-eaten skull, a monument to the glory of the Tyrants. In Tauris’s agora you can buy (or sell) anything: water, guns, revenge, perhaps even hope.

In Tauris’s Brontodrome the Tyrants vie in proxy war with legendary war-rigs: Blue Team heroes, charioteers and engineers pit themselves against their Green Team rivals to win power over Tauris for their patron. The Brontodrome is ever hungry for fresh meat: between the title matches hungry wanderer crews like yours can wager obols, skill – or war-rig – for the chance to join the Blue or the Green, or just for glory.

You came to Tauris seeking the way home. Home, that you left behind, or lost, so long ago. Maybe it can be won in war rig combat. Maybe it can be bartered for in the marketplace. Maybe it can be seized from the Furies. Or just maybe, the deaf and senile GodCorp AIs will reward your long service in their names and show you the way.

It would be good to come home. To the Green Place, the last sanctuary from the dust of the Wasteland.

• Here's the Tauris 2077 character list and world notes

Pheno game ratings
How many players? 17
What's the game again? Wandering post-apocalyptic neo-ancient Achaean cyberpunk nomads seeking their futures in the fabled city of Tauris.
Seriousness? Serious melodrama
Genre/Setting Post-apocalyptic Cyberpunk Iliad meets Fury Road in the back alleys of Casablanca.
System An optional card-based war rig combat mini-game for the glory-hungry.
Movie Rating M15+ (Cyberpunk violence, supernatural nuances, bad fashion)
Costuming Post apocalyptic cyberpunk chic, sword-and-sandal robes, non-medieval fantasy, or sci fi


The Time of My Life

By Random Jones, Adrian Overbury, Bek Grayden & Aaron Holding

Sorry, this game has been withdrawn.

It’s almost summer and school is almost over, not just for the year, but forever. The class of '87 is almost done. Not much more time left to deal with the teachers, while handling final exams, and the joys of being teenagers.

For the students (and faculty) of Spooky Valley High, there are also the complications of having supernatural students - a werewolf cub, a proto-vampire, and... whatever it is that Jamie is. Still, the year is almost done, everyone survived, and just one major social event remains: The Senior Prom.

It was meant to be last week, but due to plumbing issues at the venue it’s tonight. So, tonight, I’m going to have

The Time of My Life!

The Time of My Life is a freeform for 21 students and teachers attending their high school prom in 1987. Bad 80's fashion choices are strongly encouraged.

Pheno game ratings
How many players? 21
What's the game again? A 1987 High School prom, with supernatural elements
Seriousness? Doubtful that there will be seriousness, though the characters probably think it very serious.
Genre/Setting 1980s high school
System Systemless
Movie Rating PG.
Costuming Bad 80's fashion choices are strongly encouraged!


The Tribunal of Scattered Seas

By Paul ‘Polly’ Stephenson

Forged generations ago, four Covenants of Magi made a pact to meet every 13 years. Separated by great distance it was agreed this was the best way they could assist each other without becoming embroiled in each other's politics.

But that agreement was made many years ago and few of the original signatories remain. Will those who attend seek to aid each other, or will they see this as an opportunity to gain advantage?

The host, a Quaesitor of House Guernicus on the island of Sardinia, awaits the arrival of the Covenant delegates:

Ambassadors from Durenmar, Black Forest, Germany

Envoys from Montverte, Normandy, France

Representatives from Three Lakes, Novgorod, Poland

But the fourth never came… Xylinites Covenant of Constantinople has been sacked in the crusades, its magi scattered or dead.

Another throne of knowledge crumbles, once thought to be everlasting. The tower of enlightenment that is the Order of Hermes is faced with the question: is the zealous flame of Christianity to spread unchecked? Or do measures need to be taken to control the faith of Humanity?

• Here's a character list

Pheno game ratings
How many players? 10
What's the game again? A freeform of 10 Wizards in Mythic Europe to make decisions about personal advancement and the betterment of the human race.
Seriousness? Relatively serious with space for personal levity.
Genre/Setting Mythic Europe of Ars Magica. Selfish wizards who all know that their magic is better than anyone else’s. There will be brief handouts for setting lore, but in depth knowledge is not required.
System Custom rules-lite with printed handouts.
Movie Rating M15+ Adult themes, possible references to violence and personal extinction. PVP Elements – Potential for political manoeuvring but unlikely PC death.
Costuming Robes! All the robes!!


The War of Fae and Flowers

By Bianca Schloeffel & Kristine Hertel

The Seelie and the Unseelie courts, have coexisted in tenuous peace. The claims of land and the mortals that might find their way into the Hedge have caused much contention for the sisters who rule either side. Neither sister wants to be the one blamed for starting a war as any in fighting within the realm is thought to have dire consequence. The Queens understanding the price at stake and alliance was proposed. The two courts coming together through marriage, their direct heirs to wed. As there is nothing stronger in the Hedge than a promise, and no promise stronger than a marriage pact of royalty. The two heirs to the Queens have gone missing. Vanished right before their wedding day. Each court has blamed the other for the disappearance of their heir. Both Queens enraged, want vengeance regardless of the price. Bloodshed fills the Hedge and threatens to destroy the magic.

There is hope. A parley has been called. The tense cease fire sees the two sides meeting on neutral ground, arranged with the assistance of demons. With war comes the chance for opportunity, and the cease fire allows for all to take advantage of it. While the Queens locked away in negotiation, the Fae will play. Surrounding the negotiations each Queen has brought their full entourages, as a sign of power, and deep mistrust of each other.

The War of Fae and Flowers takes you on a journey of mystery and opportunity as you play a prominent figure of Fae nobility. Explore yourself as you seek to seize power during these negotiations? Do you take the chance to rise above your stations? Gain favours? Swap sides? Or do you merely wish to settle your personal grievances on the field of battle. The cries of war might just be the cover you need for an accident to happen. For all, there is an air of mystery that cannot be ignored. Where are the chosen of the Queens? What happened that fateful night?

In the world of the Fae Realm, nothing is what it seems.

Triggers may include but are not limited to: mind manipulation, loss of consent, gaslighting and betrayal. If you have difficulties with these themes, please contact the storyteller and discuss if you are still interested in the story style.

Pheno game ratings
How many players? 15 – 30
What's the game again? Mystery and fae themed freeform for up to 30 players.
Seriousness? Whimsy undertone with adult themes.
Genre/Setting Recency era. Imagine Pride and Prejudice but with fairies.
System Consent based negotiations with lite custom rules.
Movie Rating M/MA15+ Adult themes, possible references to sex and drugs.