Freeforms, also known as Live Action Roleplays (or LARPs), are a favorite of King Morph. He considers them to be akin to the Royal Cotillion of roleplaying.

King Morph is pleased to present the following

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What's the game again?Game Summary
Seriousness?On the lighter side / In the middle / On the serious side
Genre/SettingA brief summary of the setting
SystemWhat system the game uses, if any
Movie RatingIf this were a movie, it would be rated…


Designed by Nastia Sinitsyna, Alisa Matavilava & Jenia Siadova. Run by Katya Matavilava

B.Y.O.B. tells the story of five childhood friends. They are between 30-35 and they love to party and drink a lot. However all of them have strong reasons to quit. So recently they have finally decided to give up drinking and "grow up". Tonight is their last chance to have a good old piss-up and look back on all the crazy stuff they've done during their "party" years. B.Y.O.B. is a comedy larp which is set in nowadays real world involving quite a lot of improvisation.

What's the game again? Five childhood friends decided to quit drinking and are having their very last booze-up today.
Seriousness? 1
Genre/Setting Comedy
System Nordic Style
Movie Rating PG, mild sexual references and coarse language


The Death of Hope

By Stephen Justice

Hope, the last true Superhero of the world, has finally been killed. His death marks the end of an era: now there is no place left on Earth that can claim to be a bastion of peace, freedom and protection against the rest of supervillain-ruled Earth.

With Hope’s death, the uneasy Alliance between the five Great Powers no longer has a reason to exist, and it no longer has a common enemy to unite them. Military forces are already starting to strengthen along their borders in preparation for the next world war.

A final meeting will be held between the Alliances’ members, to split the newly conquered Russia – where Hope survived until only recently. The Great Powers send you, their best and brightest, to negotiate for the best results. The resources available in the Russia are significant, and a glittering prize for whichever Great Power would claim them. The Great Powers proclaim that they will uphold the peace, but many have outstanding promises made to supervillainous vassals and lackeys – and the Great Powers cannot afford to lose their allies. Many of the precognitives whisper fearfully of the void in time that follows the meeting – not even their powers of prescience can predict what will happen.

You are attending this gathering on behalf of a Great Power. You are a powerful supervillain, an army onto yourself, either through strength or cunning or sheer resolve, but your abilities pale in comparison to the Great Power who commands you. Still… Loyalty amongst supervillains is a fickle thing, and this may be an opportunity for you to seize some small – or large – measure of power for yourself.

The Death of Hope is a game of tense political negotiations in a world where Supervillains rule over everything. Players will take on the role of a Supervillain sent to the final meeting of the Alliance, negotiating on behalf of one of the Great Powers for Land, Rights, and Power. Of course, no one wants to be a lackey forever, so what’s to stop them trying to get a little something for themselves in the process.

There is no honour amongst thieves. There is even less amongst supervillains.

What's the game again? A game of tense political negotiations in a world where Supervillains rule over everything.
Seriousness? Serious - 4
Genre/Setting Political Drama, Dark Modern Fantasy/Sci-Fi
System Systemless
Movie Rating MA15+


The Monster Mash

By Penny O'Rance

"Ghoulies and ghosties and things that go bump in the night aren't just creatures out of stories; they go to the local high school. And they have problems just like any other teenager. Popularity contests, problems with grades, trying to work out who's been performing animal sacrifices and why the school might be haunted. You know, normal teenage stuff.

Nine teenaged maybe-monsters trying to deal with their monstrosity, being teenagers at their high school formal, and the possible end of the world. Three chaperones who may or may not be more than they appear. And someone who has been doing strange rituals in the woods and on the shore.

What could possibly go wrong?"

What's the game again? Nine teenage monsters and their chaperones at a school dance, and SOMEBODY has been doing sacrifices on the beach.
Seriousness? On the lighter side
Genre/Setting Modern fantasy
System Systemless
Movie Rating M for romantic (but not sexual) themes, ritual sacrifice themes, and some mention of murder


Save The Date

By Jimbles

It’s a tough night in the World of Darkness, a shadowy reflection of our modern world where Vampires, Mages, Werewolves, Ghosts and supernaturally powered artists known as Bards try to live normal lives in secret

It sucks being the lowest of the low in your respective supernatural communities. For the lousy fledgling vampires, the barely magically awakened and the lowest of Bards, the modicum of power you gained from having the simple life ripped away from you isn’t worth THIS. You are sent on the worst tasks and given the least amount of respect.

Tonight, your task was "Go To The Venue and Set Up The Decorations." But when you arrive with your fellow coterie/cabal/troupe, there are others, staring at you and asking when you will leave. The Vampires, Mages and Bards face off against each other, immediately concerned with how they can turn this to their advantage.

You have three hours to sort it all out before the elders start turning up, and you really can't take another hit to your reputation so you'd better sort it all out soon. Who wins? What is discovered, and what will people do to protect the secret societies that live in the darkness?

After all, it’s up to you to Save The Date.

What's the game again? A 12 Player LARP set in the World of Darkness for the lowest of the low
Seriousness? 2
Genre/Setting Political LARP, World of Angst.
System Rules Knowledge 1 - We’re going rules-light here.
Movie Rating MA



By Jason Chappel

In 480 BC King Leonidas and his personal guard of 300 Spartans lead a Greek army in one of the most famous battles in all of history, certainly the most celebrated defeat. They held the Persian army, the largest the world had ever seen at that time, at the pass of Thermopylae for three days of battle. No Spartans survived.

This is a game about the Spartan soldiers at that battle. Even more than that, it is a game about masculinity, and what it means to be a man. Each of the twelve characters has a history of defeats and victories, triumph and shame. The close knit society of the Spartan elite means that they all know one another intimately. Fighting shoulder to shoulder with your fellow man forges bonds closer still.

This isn't a game like others I have run at Pheno in the past. There isn't political intrigue, gamesmanship or deal-making. I am looking for deep immersion and characterisation.

All characters are complex men, written to explore different aspects of masculinity. This will involve exploring themes around toxic masculinity, sexuality, death, and destructive, as well as constructive, ways to be a man. Please keep that in mind if these themes will be difficult for you to experience.

The game will involve physically touching other players, with hands, shoulders and back likely to be in contact. If this is uncomfortable for you, this game may not be suitable.

Although all 12 characters are male, players of any gender are welcome.

What's the game again? A tragic investigation of masculinity and its meaning, for 12 male characters
Seriousness? 5
Genre/Setting 4
System 1
Movie Rating R


Threefold Blessings

A Changeling the Dreaming Freeform

By Penny Sullivan

It is the spring equinox and the changelings of the three allied freeholds of Canberra are gathering for their solstice rites. They will bless their festival of rebirth, remember their past, and renew their vows of fealty. They will dance, drink, sing, duel and love, for all these things and more are blessed on the equinox. At the dawn of spring especially, the fae must protect the spark of humanity’s imagination from the dark that encroaches on it, so it can flourish again in the year ahead and the spring they know must one day come.

In this double session freeform, you can try out the consent and safety mechanics used in blockbuster Nordic style games like the College of Wizardry and Convention of Thorns. You’ll learn the mechanics and playstyle in a comprehensive pre-game workshop, before trying them out with powers, romance, combat and politics.

Fantastical costuming strongly encouraged.

Note that this is not one of Penny’s usual political/trading freeforms. While we’ll give you a hand, the plot and relationships will be largely player generated.

More details, including a full list of characters, is available here:

Previously play-tested in Canberra and Melbourne. Play-testers are welcome to play again if they wish.

What's the game again? It is the spring equinox and the changelings of the three allied freeholds of Canberra are gathering for their solstice rites.
Seriousness? 3
Genre/Setting 2 – If you’re not familiar with Changeling the Dreaming, check out the design document for everything you need to know
System 0 – Nordic-style consent mechanics will be taught at workshops before play
Movie Rating PG, some characters may contain some mild sexual references, violence and coarse language. The consent mechanics mean that play is deliberately limited to what the player feels comfortable with.
Previously play-tested in Canberra and Melbourne. Play-testers are welcome to play again if they wish.


How Much For Just The Planet

By Michael Fennec ♚ and EmmJ

BLIND Auction!

Wormhole access to and Complete Control* of the Hargraves solar system Could be Yours!
Complete with a luxurious Garden Planet** (Not just Human habitable, but human comfortable!)
Auction managed by House Hargraves
Auction Security Guaranteed by House Dyne & the Dendarii Free Mercenary Company
Payment in Betan Dollars required for cash offers. All Bids Considered.

*maintaining control post sale is entirely the responsibility of the purchaser
**Description as a garden planet in no way guarantees the biocompatibility of local fauna and flora. A limited opportunity to conduct research on the planet will be made available to serious bidders prior to the conclusion of the auction.


Those ridiculous rumors re: sentient aliens all seem to be connected to this. I’m 95% certain House Hargraves started the rumors to push up the price. I’m sending the best exo-biologist we have to investigate. I’ll rely on you to ride herd on them, we can’t have the same shenanigans we had last time.

What's the game again? Set in the Vorkosigan Universe, this is a lightly systemed freeform for 20 characters. The game contains politics, scheming, capers and romance!
Seriousness? 2
Genre/Setting 4
System 1
Movie Rating PG13 Adult Content


The Main Event (Cancelled)

By Nick Matthews

Kayfabe (/ˈkeɪfeɪb/) – Noun. The fact or convention of presenting staged performances as genuine or authentic.

It’s the 1980s: When wrestling is the rage, and when wrestling is REAL™.

And wrestling associations are getting steamrolled by the USA’s two big events.

Harvey Jones’ United States Professional Wrestling Association (USPWA) is betting everything on one big pay-per-view. Jones has kept everything close to his chest. The main event has been billed as a match that will change the face of wrestling in America, but the participants still haven’t been revealed. Feuds between wrestlers have been pushed to boiling point, alliances have shifted and all sorts of story beats have been telegraphed.

The show starts in minutes.

The crowd are riled up.

And Harvey Jones is dead, and no one knows how the night is meant to play out.

Cancelling the show would kill the company. Some egos can’t bear to pass up an audience like this. And with the fight card blank, anyone could be the main event.

A game for 20 wrestlers, managers and crew vying for one hell of a pay-per-view.

What's the game again? An 80s Wrestling Pay-Per-View Gone Wrong
Seriousness? On the lighter side
Genre/Setting Big hair, big muscles, lots of spandex. A glossary of wrestling terminology will be provided, as will an explanation of any moves.
System Custom system, details will be explained at the start of game.
Movie Rating PG – M15+