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Vendor Stalls

Pheno is currently recruiting vendors and stalls for Phenomenon 2022. If you would like to run a stall, please contact Pheno.

Convention Merchandise

Team badges, coasters and fridge magnets (Oh My!)

Did you ever wish you had matching cool team badges for your cool team members? Or have something to remember the good times at Pheno every time you put a hot or cold beverage down, or need to get the cat food out of the fridge?

Well, your wishes can come true!

Pheno is offering three types of merch in 2022: team badges, fridge magnets (with genuine MAGNETIC ACTION), and drinks coasters. These do need to be pre-ordered so we can get them printed in time, but you can pay at the Con.

Order your team badges, fridge magnets or coasters at $5 each, or the Team Of Five badge set for $20, (AKA buy 4 get the 5th free!), on the order form.

Note: do not name your team "Your Team Name" or we are going to get very confused. Also, this is about BADGES, not BADGERS. Sorry, 'Wind in the Willows' fans.

The Inevitable Return of the House of Crap™

Looking for a boardgame, figurine or obscure rule book you didn't know you needed*?

You're sure to find it and many other oddments at The House of Crap!™.

Want to sell your gaming related stuff you don't need any more? Print out and fill in in this SUPER EASY FORM and bring it and your stuff to Ryan or Wes at The House of Crap™ and we'll do our best to find it a new home.

All prices by negotiation! (That's normally a DC15 skill check.)

*Ryan's wife would really appreciate you buying something so it's not being stored in their garage anymore.

Druid's Oak

TTRPG accessories

Hand-crafted wooden dice rolling towers, dice trays, dice cases, dice jails (for naughty dice!), GM screens (so sexy!); leather-bound adventurers journals, wax candles, ancient anecdotes, and more!

* Saturday only

Visit the Druid's Oak web shop!


A novel by David M. James

David will be selling copies of the first book of the Wingless Trilogy, at Phenomenon this year.

"When Joan, the leader of a group of Angels stripped of most of their power and now known as the Wingless, wakes from a nightmare to find a Fallen Angel in her room and one of her own people missing, she begins a search that ends up discovering a plot far older and more dangerous than just one misplaced Angel.

Joan soon realises that the threat is more than just an attack on her Wingless family and unless they can join forces to prevent it, the world they love could be utterly destroyed."

Wingless is currently available at Inspiring Bookstore for $26.95 or as an e-book on Kindle for $8.16. It is also coming out in audiobook format, read by Katie Regan, in late August (see website below for release announcement).

At Pheno however, Wingless in paperback will be available for just $15.00 as a special convention-only price.

More information at https://winglessnovel.wordpress.com/

Final Night

A novel by Kell Shaw

Recently risen from the grave, Lukie has until dawn to avenge her death. If only she could remember who murdered her. And only if someone else doesn’t kill her again.

High school’s out for the class of 1983. Forever.

The last thing Lukie remembers is the farewell party in her hometown of Breakwater Bay. A final blowout before she went away to university.

But when she wakes up, corpse-cold, confused and weirdly hungry, she finds the sleepy coastal village is now full of strange cars and loud tourists. Her family home is a block of flats and she can’t find her father. Her best friend has aged twenty years in a single night.

The sole fact she knows for sure is that someone hurt her. Someone betrayed her. Someone killed her.

In some dark lonely place, she made a pact with something, and now she’s only got until dawn to find her murderer, or when the sun rises she’ll be dead again. Forever.

More information at https://kellshaw.com/books/final-night/